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Cezpdf Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 addContent ($content)
 addDestination ($label, $style, $a=0, $b=0, $c=0)
 addImage (&$img, $x, $y, $w=0, $h=0, $quality=75)
 addInfo ($label, $value=0)
 addInternalLink ($label, $x0, $y0, $x1, $y1)
 addJpegFromFile ($img, $x, $y, $w=0, $h=0)
 addJpegImage_common (&$data, $x, $y, $w=0, $h=0, $imageWidth, $imageHeight, $channels=3)
 addLink ($url, $x0, $y0, $x1, $y1)
 addMessage ($message)
 addObject ($id, $options='add')
 addPngFromFile ($file, $x, $y, $w=0, $h=0)
 addText ($x, $y, $size, $text, $angle=0, $wordSpaceAdjust=0)
 addTextWrap ($x, $y, $width, $size, $text, $justification='left', $angle=0, $test=0)
 alink ($info, $internal=0)
 ARC4 ($text)
 ARC4_init ($key='')
 Cezpdf ($paper='a4', $orientation='portrait')
 checkAllHere ()
 closeObject ()
 Cpdf ($pageSize=array(0, 0, 612, 792))
 curve ($x0, $y0, $x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $x3, $y3)
 ellipse ($x0, $y0, $r1, $r2=0, $angle=0, $nSeg=8, $astart=0, $afinish=360, $close=1, $fill=0)
 encryptInit ($id)
 execTemplate ($id, $data=array(), $options=array())
 ezColumnsStart ($options=array())
 ezColumnsStop ()
 ezGetCurrentPageNumber ()
 ezImage ($image, $pad=5, $width=0, $resize= 'full', $just= 'center', $border= '')
 ezInsertMode ($status=1, $pageNum=1, $pos='before')
 ezNewPage ()
 ezOutput ($options=0)
 ezProcessText ($text)
 ezPRVTaddPageNumbers ()
 ezPRVTcleanUp ()
 ezPrvtGetTextWidth ($size, $text)
 ezPRVTpageNumberSearch ($lbl, &$tmp)
 ezPrvtTableColumnHeadings ($cols, $pos, $maxWidth, $height, $decender, $gap, $size, &$y, $optionsAll=array())
 ezPrvtTableDrawLines ($pos, $gap, $x0, $x1, $y0, $y1, $y2, $col, $inner, $outer, $opt=1)
 ezSetCmMargins ($top, $bottom, $left, $right)
 ezSetDy ($dy, $mod='')
 ezSetMargins ($top, $bottom, $left, $right)
 ezSetY ($y)
 ezStartPageNumbers ($x, $y, $size, $pos='left', $pattern='{PAGENUM}of{TOTALPAGENUM}', $num='')
 ezStopPageNumbers ($stopTotal=0, $next=0, $i=0)
 ezStream ($options='')
 ezTable (&$data, $cols='', $title='', $options='')
 ezText ($text, $size=0, $options=array(), $test=0)
 ezWhatPageNumber ($pageNum, $i=0)
 filledEllipse ($x0, $y0, $r1, $r2=0, $angle=0, $nSeg=8, $astart=0, $afinish=360)
 filledRectangle ($x1, $y1, $width, $height)
 filterText ($text)
 getFirstPageId ()
 getFontDecender ($size)
 getFontHeight ($size)
 getTextWidth ($size, $text)
 ilink ($info)
 line ($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2)
 loadTemplate ($templateFile)
 md5_16 ($string)
 newDocument ($pageSize=array(0, 0, 612, 792))
 newPage ($insert=0, $id=0, $pos='after')
 o_action ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_annotation ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_catalog ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_contents ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_destination ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_encryption ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_font ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_fontDescriptor ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_fontEncoding ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_image ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_info ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_outlines ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_page ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_pages ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_procset ($id, $action, $options='')
 o_viewerPreferences ($id, $action, $options='')
 openFont ($font)
 openHere ($style, $a=0, $b=0, $c=0)
 openObject ()
 output ($debug=0)
 partEllipse ($x0, $y0, $astart, $afinish, $r1, $r2=0, $angle=0, $nSeg=8)
 polygon ($p, $np, $f=0)
 PRVT_getBytes (&$data, $pos, $num)
 PRVTadjustWrapText ($text, $actual, $width, &$x, &$adjust, $justification)
 PRVTcheckTextDirective (&$text, $i, &$f)
 PRVTcheckTextDirective1 (&$text, $i, &$f, $final, &$x, &$y, $size=0, $angle=0, $wordSpaceAdjust=0)
 PRVTgetTextPosition ($x, $y, $angle, $size, $wa, $text)
 rectangle ($x1, $y1, $width, $height)
 reopenObject ($id)
 restoreState ($pageEnd=0)
 saveState ($pageEnd=0)
 selectFont ($fontName, $encoding='', $set=1)
 setColor ($r, $g, $b, $force=0)
 setCurrentFont ()
 setEncryption ($userPass='', $ownerPass='', $pc=array())
 setFontFamily ($family, $options='')
 setLineStyle ($width=1, $cap='', $join='', $dash='', $phase=0)
 setPreferences ($label, $value=0)
 setStrokeColor ($r, $g, $b, $force=0)
 stopObject ($id)
 stream ($options='')
 transaction ($action)
 uline ($info)

Public Attributes

 $addLooseObjects = array()
 $arc4 = ''
 $arc4_objnum = 0
 $callback = array()
 $checkpoint = ''
 $currentBaseFont = ''
 $currentColour = array('r'=>-1,'g'=>-1,'b'=>-1)
 $currentFont = ''
 $currentFontNum = 0
 $currentLineStyle = ''
 $currentStrokeColour = array('r'=>-1,'g'=>-1,'b'=>-1)
 $currentTextState = ''
 $destinations = array()
 $encrypted = 0
 $encryptionKey = ''
 $ez = array('fontSize'=>10)
 $ezPageCount = 0
 $ezPages = array()
 $fileIdentifier = ''
 $fontFamilies = array()
 $fonts = array()
 $infoObject = 0
 $looseObjects = array()
 $messages = ''
 $nCallback = 0
 $nStack = 0
 $nStateStack = 0
 $numFonts = 0
 $numImages = 0
 $numObj = 0
 $numPages = 0
 $objects = array()
 $options = array('compression'=>1)
 $stack = array()
 $stateStack = array()
 $wordSpaceAdjust = 0

Detailed Description

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