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Cpdf::o_contents ( id,
options = '' 

the contents objects hold all of the content which appears on pages

Definition at line 890 of file class.pdf.php.

References $options, ARC4(), and encryptInit().

Referenced by o_image(), o_page(), openObject(), and selectFont().

  if ($action!='new'){
    $o =& $this->objects[$id];
  switch ($action){
    case 'new':
      if (strlen($options) && intval($options)){
        // then this contents is the primary for a page
      } else if ($options=='raw'){
        // then this page contains some other type of system object
    case 'add':
      // add more options to the decleration
      foreach ($options as $k=>$v){
    case 'out':
      $res= "\n".$id." 0 obj\n";
      if (isset($this->objects[$id]['raw'])){
      } else {
        $res.= "<<";
        if (function_exists('gzcompress') && $this->options['compression']){
          // then implement ZLIB based compression on this content stream
          $res.=" /Filter /FlateDecode";
          $tmp = gzcompress($tmp);
        if ($this->encrypted){
          $tmp = $this->ARC4($tmp);
        foreach($o['info'] as $k=>$v){
          $res .= "\n/".$k.' '.$v;
        $res.="\n/Length ".strlen($tmp)." >>\nstream\n".$tmp."\nendstream";
      return $res;

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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