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Cpdf::output ( debug = 0 )

return the pdf stream as a string returned from the function

Definition at line 1220 of file class.pdf.php.

References ARC4_init(), and checkAllHere().

Referenced by stream().


  if ($debug){
    // turn compression off

  if ($this->arc4_objnum){


//  $content="%PDF-1.3\n";
  foreach($this->objects as $k=>$v){
  $content.="\nxref\n0 ".(count($xref)+1)."\n0000000000 65535 f \n";
  foreach($xref as $p){
    $content.=substr('0000000000',0,10-strlen($p)).$p." 00000 n \n";
  $content.="\ntrailer\n  << /Size ".(count($xref)+1)."\n     /Root 1 0 R\n     /Info ".$this->infoObject." 0 R\n";
  // if encryption has been applied to this document then add the marker for this dictionary
  if ($this->arc4_objnum > 0){
    $content .= "/Encrypt ".$this->arc4_objnum." 0 R\n";
  if (strlen($this->fileIdentifier)){
    $content .= "/ID[<".$this->fileIdentifier."><".$this->fileIdentifier.">]\n";
  $content .= "  >>\nstartxref\n".$pos."\n%%EOF\n";
  return $content;

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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