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Cpdf::o_destination ( id,
options = '' 

Document object methods (internal use only)

There is about one object method for each type of object in the pdf document Each function has the same call list ($id,$action,$options). $id = the object ID of the object, or what it is to be if it is being created $action = a string specifying the action to be performed, though ALL must support: 'new' - create the object with the id $id 'out' - produce the output for the pdf object $options = optional, a string or array containing the various parameters for the object

These, in conjunction with the output function are the ONLY way for output to be produced within the pdf 'file'. destination object, used to specify the location for the user to jump to, presently on opening

Definition at line 224 of file class.pdf.php.

References $options.

Referenced by addDestination(), and openHere().

  if ($action!='new'){
    $o =& $this->objects[$id];
    case 'new':
      $tmp = '';
      switch ($options['type']){
        case 'XYZ':
        case 'FitR':
          $tmp =  ' '.$options['p3'].$tmp;
        case 'FitH':
        case 'FitV':
        case 'FitBH':
        case 'FitBV':
          $tmp =  ' '.$options['p1'].' '.$options['p2'].$tmp;
        case 'Fit':
        case 'FitB':
          $tmp =  $options['type'].$tmp;
    case 'out':
      $tmp = $o['info'];
      $res="\n".$id." 0 obj\n".'['.$tmp['page'].' 0 R /'.$tmp['string']."]\nendobj\n";
      return $res;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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