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Cpdf::stream ( options = '' )

output the pdf code, streaming it to the browser the relevant headers are set so that hopefully the browser will recognise it

Definition at line 1899 of file class.pdf.php.

References $options, and output().

  // setting the options allows the adjustment of the headers
  // values at the moment are:
  // 'Content-Disposition'=>'filename'  - sets the filename, though not too sure how well this will 
  //        work as in my trial the browser seems to use the filename of the php file with .pdf on the end
  // 'Accept-Ranges'=>1 or 0 - if this is not set to 1, then this header is not included, off by default
  //    this header seems to have caused some problems despite tha fact that it is supposed to solve
  //    them, so I am leaving it off by default.
  // 'compress'=> 1 or 0 - apply content stream compression, this is on (1) by default
  if (!is_array($options)){
  if ( isset($options['compress']) && $options['compress']==0){
    $tmp = $this->output(1);
  } else {
    $tmp = $this->output();
  header("Content-type: application/pdf");
  header("Content-Length: ".strlen(ltrim($tmp)));
  $fileName = (isset($options['Content-Disposition'])?$options['Content-Disposition']:'file.pdf');
  header("Content-Disposition: inline; filename=".$fileName);
  if (isset($options['Accept-Ranges']) && $options['Accept-Ranges']==1){
    header("Accept-Ranges: ".strlen(ltrim($tmp))); 
  echo ltrim($tmp);

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