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Cpdf::openHere ( style,
a = 0,
b = 0,
c = 0 

specify where the document should open when it first starts

Definition at line 2949 of file class.pdf.php.

References o_catalog(), and o_destination().

  // this function will open the document at a specified page, in a specified style
  // the values for style, and the required paramters are:
  // 'XYZ'  left, top, zoom
  // 'Fit'
  // 'FitH' top
  // 'FitV' left
  // 'FitR' left,bottom,right
  // 'FitB'
  // 'FitBH' top
  // 'FitBV' left
  $id = $this->catalogId;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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